Welcome to the first episode of the In the Weeds Podcast! This episode will give the introduction to the podcast with our CEO & Co-Founder, Pete B...View Details

Ep. 02: Old School Sales

In Episode 2 we discuss Old School Sales, how back in the say sales consisted of the famous "smile and dial" or going door to door. We go in the weeds...View Details

In Episode 3 we discuss the longtime battle of sales & marketing not working harmoniously, how to inform and educate the sales team on what a good...View Details

Ep. 04: Paid Advertising

In Episode 4 we highlight the topic of paid advertising, what are the first steps to take when starting a paid promotion, the warnings of fake compani...View Details

In Episode 5 we go over goal setting and the numbers that go along with them. We discuss Goals vs Wishes, how to create smart and measurable goals, ...View Details

In Episode 6 we go over what the Buyer's Landscape is, how it has changed from the Baby Boomers to Millenials, how it has changed learning and flexibi...View Details

Ep. 07: Page Builders

In Episode 7 we have a featured guest, our very own Matt Brand, Senior Developer at MINDSCAPE. We discuss why page builders aren't always the best ide...View Details

In Episode 8 we highlight the overview of creating a budget for paid advertising and explaining why online advertising is NOT a waste of money. We al...View Details

In Episode 9 we get in the weeds on the topic of change and irrelevance. Has the evolution of the business climate created issues for you? We've ente...View Details

Ep. 10: Why CRMs Suck

In our final episode of the season, we get into the debate about CRMs. To start, we answer what is a CRM is and compare it to other methods, discuss ...View Details